Infant Class (0-24 Months)

At this age everything is bright and new. We provide this age with a baby friendly room away from the other children.We try and do tummy time as well as teach the babies how to use their fine motor skills.

Toddler Class (24 to 35 Months)

At this age, it can be very frustrating. Not being able to tell you what they want or how to do something. Here at Happy Orchard daycare we try and teach children life skills such as; vocabulary as well as how to use the potty.

Ages 3 to 4 Years Old

This is a fun age. This is the age that children start to get ready for school. Here at Happy Orchard daycare we prompt children to try different things. Whether its learning to use scissors or putting together a puzzle.

School Age (5-12)

The rule of thumb is usually 10 min of homework/ grade. Whether it’s classwork or reading. As an incentive for doing this, we allow them to earn tech time or a trip to our rewards store. We do provide transport to and from select schools. Call for a list of schools.