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A childcare center you can trust to take care of your child while you are at work and enable you the peace of mind you deserve.


We started Happy Orchard Daycare because as mothers we felt there was a need for this type of childcare. Here at Happy Orchard Daycare LLC we believe every child is unique and that “cookie cutter” programs do not work for everyone. Here each child is encouraged to use their imagination, and explore the world around them using music, books, toys and electronics. Learning is presented in a way that is engaging, fun and age appropriate.

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Fun and Exciting Preschool

Come join our fun and hands on preschool experience! We will explore high in the sky and down to the lowest depths of the oceans. Your children will be immersed in a preschool program that helps prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond!

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Meet Our Family


Corrie is a mother, and grandmother.  She loves to introduce children to the way of learning though cooking. She loves children and believes in teaching children and giving them a solid foundation for the future.


Amber is a very compasionate person she loves doing crafts, singing and dancing. She loves to help children use their imagination. She loves to bring smiles to all the children around her. She is married and has 4 children.


Brittney is a kind caring mother of 2. She loves reading and opening up the childrens minds to the amazing world of wonder. Brittney is also known for her art and crafting expertise.


David is a caring father of 3. He is very active and fit. He loves to get the kids moving in movement activities. David loves the outdoors and sports.


Brittney is a mother of 3. She loves teaching the children new and exciting things. Brittney also likes to teach children valuable life skills. Like how to clean and organize. She also loves to teach the children about bunnies.

David Sr.

David is a father of four, and a Grandfather. He loves getting kids to have fun. He is known as “Grandpa” by all the children at the center. Hes funny and likes to make the kids laugh.​​​


Kaylee Is a mother of 3. She is our amazing baby room teacher! She helps the littles with walking, Talking and cordination. She is a amazing and compationate person. Who truly loves all children.


Leslie is a wonderful and compassionate mother of one. She is fun spirited person. She loves to make the kids laugh and helps them exspand their minds by sensory play.